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I've always been fascinated by the symbolic meaning of flowers (as well as numbers and colours)

Flower meaning


Red– Passion, love, Courage

Yellow – Friendship (or jealousy)

White – Purity

Pink – Grace, Gentleness

Peach – Desiring closeness



Red – truly loved

Yellow – cheerfulness

Pink – adoration

Orange – full of life


Dahlias - Commitment, inner strength, dignity

Astrantia – strength, courage protection

Statice – remembrance, compassion

Solidago – encouragement, growth

Sweet peas – blissful pleasure (peace)

Clematis – unchanged for eternity

Sedum – tranquillity (peace) – rest by water.

Bouvardia – excitement

Eryngium (blue thistle) – independence

Lisianthus - calmness

Verbena – tender, emotional

Veronica (blue spike) – faith, loyalty



Rosemary – remembrance

Eucalyptus – healing, protection, covered

Marjoram – comfort

Poppy seed heads – imagination

Privet – prohibit

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